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LEAWOD Windows & Doors Group Co., Ltd. was established in 2000, who has more than 20 years experience in developing and producing windows and doors.

LEAWOD has excellent leading capacity of research & development and production capacity. For years, we are constantly improving the technology, costing a large number of resources, importing the world advanced production equipment, such as Japanese automated spraying line, Swiss GEMA whole painting line for aluminum alloy, and other dozens of advanced production lines. LEAWOD is the first Chinese company, who can be implementation of industrial designing, order optimization, automatic order and programmed producing, process tracking by IT information platform. Timber aluminum composite windows and doors are all made of global high-quality timber, high quality hardware accessories, our products are stable and reliable quality, high-end with cost-effective price. From the 1st generation of LEAWOD’s patent product timber aluminum symbiotic windows and doors research & development, production & sales to the 9th generation of R7 seamless whole welding windows and doors, each generation of products are promoting and leading the industry recognition.

LEAWOD is now actively expanding the production scale, optimizing the layout of the process, to achieve process reengineering; Introducing advanced production technology and equipment to improve production capacity; Promoting the means of research & development and testing to advance technological and industrial upgrading; Introducing strategic partners, optimizing stock structure, realizing second entrepreneurship and leap-forward development.

LEAWOD timber and aluminum composite energy saving safety windows and doors R & D production project was listed as a major scientific and technological achievements transformation project by the Department of Science and Technology of Sichuan Province; Provincial Economic and Information Technology Commission listed as the key promotion of green new material demonstration enterprise, Sichuan famous and excellent products. LEAWOD won the award of Sichuan-Taiwan Industrial Design Competition, also was the founder and leader of symbiotic profiles R7 seamless whole welding windows and doors. We have obtained the national invention patent 5, utility model patent 10, copyright 6, 22 kinds of registered trademarks total 41. LEAWOD is Sichuan famous trademark, our timber aluminum composite windows and doors are Sichuan famous brand.

LEAWOD in order to do the better jobs for windows and doors, seek greater development, we will build a new research & development and production base in Deyang high-tech development west zone, the total investment of the project is around 43 million US dollars.

LEAWOD seizes the opportunity of the development of customized windows and doors by consumption upgrading, we pay much more attention to quality, appearance, designing, image of stores, scene display, brand building. Up to now, LEAWOD sets up nearly 600 stores in China, as the schedule we will found 2000 stores in the next five years. Through Chinese and the global markets, 2020 we established the branch company in the United States , and started to handle the relevant product certification. Because of the personalized differences and quality of our products, LEAWOD has won the unanimous praise from customers in Canada, Australia, France, Vietnam, Japan, Costa Rica, Saudi Arabia, Tajikistan and other countries. We believe that the market competition must ultimately be a contest of system capabilities.



Swiss GEMA whole painting

Timber Workshop


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Swiss GEMA Whole Painting

timber workshop

Company Technical Strength

leawod seamless whole welding windows and doors

LEAWOD seamless whole welding windows and doors

LEAWOD has the excellent R&D ability, in the R&D of windows and doors, whole welding, mechanical processing, physical and chemical testing, quality control and other aspects of the industry's leading level. Since company establishment, we regard the quality of windows and doors as life, and constantly upgrade the performance of our products’ function, appearance, differentiation, core competence of high-end windows and doors. At present, we are preparing to build a windows and doors laboratory for testing. 

other company windows and doors

Other Company Windows and Doors

We have two Swiss GEMA window painting production lines with a total length of 1.4km, Austria, the United States, Japan, Italy, Germany and other countries, whose all kinds of famous windows and doors processing equipment and machining centers more than 100 sets.


LEAWOD has the excellent R&D ability, in the R&D of windows and doors, whole welding, mechanical processing, physical and chemical testing, quality control and other aspects of the industry's leading level. Since company establishment, we regard the quality of windows and doors as life, and constantly upgrade the performance of our products’ function, appearance, differentiation, core competence of high-end windows and doors. At present, we are preparing to build a windows and doors laboratory for testing.


LEAWOD has almost 1,000 employees (20% of whom have master's degree or doctor's degree). Led by our doctor R&D team, who has developed a series of leading intelligent windows and doors, includes: intelligent heavy lifting window, intelligent hanging window, intelligent skylight, and has obtained more than 80 invention patents and software Copyrights.

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Corporate Culture

A world brand is supported by a corporate culture. We fully understand that her corporate culture can only be formed through Impact, Infiltration and Integration. The development of our group has been supported by her core values over the past years -------Honesty, Innovation, Responsibility, Cooperation.

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LEAWOD always adhere to the principle, people-oriented, integrity management, quality utmost, premium reputation Honesty has become the real source of our group's competitive edge. Having such spirit, We have taken every step in a steady and firm way.  


Innovation is the essence of our group culture.

Innovation leads to development, which leads to increased strength, All originates from innovation.

Our people make innovations in concept, mechanism, technology and management.

Our enterprise is forever in an activated status to accommodate strategic and environmental changes and be prepared for emerging opportunities.


Responsibility enables one to have perseverance.

Our group has a strong sense of responsibility and mission for clients and society.

The power of such responsibility cannot be seen, but can be felt.

It has always been the driving force for the development of our group.


Cooperation is the source of development

We strives to build a cooperate group

Work together to create a win-win situation is regarded as a very important goal for the development of corporate

By effectively carrying out integrity cooperation,

Our group has managed to achieve integration of resources, mutual complementarity,

let Professional people give full play to their specialty

Some Of Our Clients

Awesome Works That Our Team've Contributed To Our Clients!

hoppe handle

Hoppe Handle

leawod partner

LEAWOD Partner

timber aluminum composite windows and doors

Timber Aluminum Composite Windows And Doors

windows and doors partner

Windows and Doors Partner



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Wood Aluminum Composite CE

Other Displays

—— Exhibition

leawod exhibition

LEAWOD Exhibition

leawod sliding door

LEAWOD Sliding Door

leawod windows and doors

LEAWOD Windows and Doors

seamless whole welding

Seamless Whole Welding

—— Case

beautiful wood door

Beautiful Wood Door

leawod sunroom

LEAWOD Sunroom

sliding door

Sliding Door

wood clad aluminum windows and doors

Wood Clad Aluminum Windows And Doors