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E Single Hung 195(Heavy Duty)

Product Description

E SINGLE HUNG 195(HEAVY DUTY) adopts broken bridge aluminum alloy and seamless welding technology, with ultra-high appearance and super performance, water tightness and air tightness reach international standards. It is a kind of intelligent electric window, that is equipped with electronic control system that offers rainfall and anti-pinching sensors. With the rainfall sensor, the window can be closed automatically when it rains under the Auto mode. It can also be controlled by physical buttons, APPs and remote controller, and connected with your smart home system seamlessly. This is a window with huge dimension design for unobstructed view, and the profile surface adopts integral spraying and welding process; to ensure the appearance of the surface, the whole window is designed without glass stop, and its Manual mode and Auto mode can be switched arbitrarily. As a security window, it is equipped with child lock to prevent children from dangerous operations.

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