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GLT230 Lifting Sliding Door

Product Description

GLT230 lifting sliding door is an aluminum alloy triple-track heavy lifting sliding door, which independently has been developed and produced by LEAWOD company. The biggest difference between it and the double-track sliding door is that the sliding door has a screen solution. If you need to prevent mosquitoes from entering the room, it will be an ideal choice for you. Window screen we provide you with two options, one is 304 stainless steel net, the other is 48-mesh high permeability self-cleaning gauze mesh. The 48-mesh window screen has superior light transmission, air permeability, not only prevents the world’s smallest mosquitoes, but also has a self-cleaning function.

If you don’t need a window screen and only need a three-track glass door, then this push-up door is for you.

What is the lifting sliding door? In simple terms, it is better than common sliding door sealing effect, can also do more bigger door wide, it is the lever principle, lifting the handle is closed after the pulley lifting, then the sliding door can not move, not only enhance the safety, but also extend the service life of the pulley, if you need to start it again, you need to turn the handle, the door can be gently sliding.

If you are also concerned about the safety risks of sliding doors when they are closed, you can ask us to increase the buffer damping device for you, so that when the door is closing, it will close slowly. We believe that this will be a very good feeling.

For the convenience of transportation, we usually do not weld the door frame, which needs to be installed on site. If you need to weld the door frame, we can also make it for you as long as the size is within the allowable range.

Inside the profile cavity of the door sash, LEAWOD is filled with 360° no dead angle high density refrigerator grade insulation and energy saving mute cotton. Better strength and heat insulation of enhanced profiles.

The bottom track of sliding door is: down leak concealed type non-return drainage track, can rapid drainage, and because it is hidden, more beautiful.

  • Minimalist appearance design

    Semi-hidden window sash design,hidden drainage holes
    One-way non-return differential pressure drainage device, refrigerator grade heat preservation material filling
    Double thermal break structure, no pressing line design

  • One-way non-return drainage system

    Anti-wind | Anti-rain | Anti-insect | Anti-howling

    Preventing indoor and outdoor air exchange and convection

  • Semi-hidden window sash design,greatly improve the sealing

    Double-layer self-pressing sealant strip, six turning point corner, better prevent indoor and outdoor air circulation

  • Exclusive customized heavy-duty push and pull handle

    Leading structure design, CRLEER exclusive customization
    304 stainless steel material, exquisite surface treatment

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GLT230 Lifting Sliding Door | Product Parameters

  • Item Number
  • Product Standard
  • Opening Mode
    Lifting Sliding
  • Profile Type
    Thermal Break Aluminium
  • Surface Treatment
    Whole Welding
    Whole Painting (Customized Colors)
  • Glass
    Standard Configuration: 5+20Ar+5, Two Tempered Glasses One Cavity
    Optional Configuration: Low-E Glass, Frosted Glass, Coating Film Glass, PVB Glass
  • Glass Rabbet
  • Hardware Accessories
    Lifting Sash Standard Configuration: Hardware (HAUTAU Germany)
    Non-ascending Sash Standard Configuration: LEAWOD Customized Hardware
    Screen Sash: Interior Anti-prying Slotted Mute Lock (Main Lock), Exterior False Slotted Lock
    Optinal Configuration: Damping Configuration Can Be Added
  • Window Screen
    Standard Configuration: 304 Stainless Steel Net
    Optional Configuration: 48-mesh High Permeability Gauze Mesh (Removable, Easy Cleaning)
  • Outside Dimension
    Window Sash:106.5mm
    Window Frame:45mm
  • Product Warranty
    5 Years
  • Manufacturing Experience
    More Than 20 Years
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