On November 2nd, LEAWOD Company welcomed a guest from the famous music and historical city of Salzburg in Austria: Mr. Rene Baumgartner, Global Technical Director of MACO Hardware Group. Mr. Reney was accompanied by Mr. Tom, technical engineer of MACO headquarter, Mr. Zhao Qingshan, technical director of MACO China, and Mr. Zhang Xuebing, vice general manager of KINLONG southwest region.

The production of MACO Hardware Group has become the second largest in Europe. We admire your company's dedication and express our heartfelt thanks to MACO for its long-term support to the company. China is in a critical period of economic structural transformation, and the upgrading of doors and Windows industry and technological innovation are imperative.

 In the future, the development trend of doors and Windows industry will be toward systematic and intelligent rapid development. China has a broad market and higher taste demand for doors and Windows. We hope that MACO and Good Wood Road will work together to provide more high-quality solutions for the development of doors and Windows and home environment in China.

Post time: Nov-02-2018