On June 27, 2020, Zeng Kui, president of Guangdong Provincial Association of Doors and Windows, Zhuang Weiping, secretary General of Guangdong Provincial Association of Doors and Windows, He Zhuotao, executive secretary of Guangdong Provincial Association of Doors and Windows, Yu Longpeng, executive president of Sichuan Association of Doors and Windows and other leaders and many fellow entrepreneurs visited LEAWOD door and window headquarters.


Miao Peiyou, chairman of LEAWOD company, personally received the visitors and explained to them the manufacturing process, digital storage and logistics system of LEAWOD products. The R7 seamless whole welding process, Steinbach sunroom system, many cutting-edge equipment and fine management of the magnificent series have won high praise and praise from entrepreneurs!


As the main industrial base of doors and windows in China, Sichuan and Guangdong can effectively promote the development of the industry. Many door and window entrepreneurs from Guangdong said that visited to LEAWOD experience, LEAWOD profound corporate culture and leading product concept perfectly fit the development trend of the door and window industry.


After that, Mr. Miao accompanied Chairman Zeng and his delegation to visit the LEAWOD exhibition hall and explained the upcoming new smart products of LEAWOD. In the process of visiting the experience, leaders and entrepreneurs of the association expressed strong interest and expectation for a number of intelligent lifting windows and intelligent security windows.


Post time: Aug-28-2021