On November 5, the President of Italy's RALCOSYS Group, Mr. Fanciulli Riccardo, visited the LEAWOD Company for the third time this year, Different from the previous two visits; Mr. Riccardo was accompanied by Mr. Wang Zhen, the head of RALCOSYS's China region. As a partner of LEAWOD Company for many years, Mr. Riccardo traveled easily this time, which was more like a gathering of old friends. LEAWOD Company Chairman Mr. Miao Pei You kindly met with this Italian friend.

When Mr. Riccardo visited LEAWOD Company, he was told that LEAWOD had developed the OCM production management system and now needed to further improve the level of intelligent manufacturing in automation equipment. Italy's advanced manufacturing technology, more sophisticated manufacturing equipment and some good ideas would like to share and exchange with old friends, to provide greater help for this friend in China.

After the meeting, Mr. Riccardo went directly to the workshop, communicated with the staff on the front line of the LEAWOD Company and offered many guidance, and adjusted the latest equipment by himself.

Post time: Nov-06-2018