China Building Metal Structure Association (CCMSA) granted Sichuan LEAWOD Window and Door Profiles Co., Ltd the qualification of Class I manufacture and Class I installation of products in the industry of building Doors and Windows, which is one of the awards that LEAWOD Company has received in this year National top ten doors and Windows brand and national quality leading enterprises after the third time to the Chinese authorities awarded the honorary qualification.

China Building Metal Structure Association is a national social organization legal person approved and registered by the Ministry of Civil Affairs of the People's Republic of China. It is the only organization in the whole industry after the administrative unit canceled the authorization of qualification of doors and Windows industry. The Double-Level 1 certificate granted to LEAWOD Company this time is the first batch of qualification authorization after the opening of the new regulations. At the same time, with the good reputation accumulated over the years, LEAWOD Company has gained the first-level qualification directly with its strong enterprise strength.

After several months of application and certification, LEAWOD Company has approved more than 10 national patents for practical profiles, new structures and appearance designs, more than 340 kinds of production processes such as whole welding operations and bending and circular blocks, as well as 8 groups of large manufacturing equipment groups such as composite copying milling machine and five-axis aluminum profile numerical control center.

In 2019, LEAWOD Company has been recognized by Chinese authorities, industry experts and consumers. Is a good industrial structure development enterprise self-high demand witness! It is also a responsible enterprise's respect for terminal customers! It is the affirmation of the strong strength of LEAWOD Company and the commend of LEAWOD Company leading the rapid development of doors and Windows in China.

The "Double Grade One" qualification will surely enable LEAWOD Company to stand on a larger market stage and exert the influence of "Top Ten Brands of Chinese Doors and Windows" with "Leading Quality of Doors and Windows in China" products.

Post time: Nov-09-2019