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GJT165 Slim Frame Double-track Sliding Window/Door

Product Description

It is an aluminum alloy minimalist double-track sliding window/door, which has independently developed and produced by LEAWOD company. Now the decoration likes more and more simple style and transparent visual effect, which will give people a feeling of relaxation. Such market demands LEAWOD to design a window/door that does correct subtractions, as far as possible few lines, as simple as possible design.

This is a request at the beginning that the design must first from the point of view of beauty, of course our designer must also protect the sliding door resistance to wind pressure, sealing, heat insulation. How do you do that?

First of all, the thickness of the profile must be guaranteed, but because the outside dimension is very narrow, how do we guarantee its strength and seal? LEAWOD is still using the technology of seamless whole welding, the profiles are fully welded using the technique of high-speed rail and aircraft welding. Before welding, we also installed the reinforced corner code, using the method of hydraulic combination corner, which connect the corners. The inside of the profile cavity is filled with with 360° no dead angle high density refrigerator grade insulation and energy saving mute cotton. In order to increase the seal of this minimalist sliding window/door, we changed the design structure and widened the frame, so when the window/door is closing, which is embedded into the frame to form a complete whole, so that neither the door can be seen, nor the rain water can enter.

Is that all it takes? No, in order to make the window/door look simpler, we must hide the handle. Yes, that’s why you don’t see our handle so easily in the picture.

This product can not only be a door, but also a window. We designed a glass railing, which let the window not only have safety barrier, but also looks simple and beauty.

Down leak concealed type non-return drainage track, stainless steel double row wheel, which can bear more than 300 kilograms of weight, minimalist look of the frame much more narrower, in order to increase the safety and bearing of the windows and doors, we changed the down track design, which is a better solution.

  • No pressing line appearance design

    No pressing line appearance design

    Semi-hidden window sash design,hidden drainage holes
    One-way non-return differential pressure drainage device, refrigerator grade heat preservation material filling
    Double thermal break structure, no pressing line design

  • CRLEER Windows & Doors

    CRLEER Windows & Doors

    A little expensive, too much better

  • 1-16
  • 1-41

GJT165 Slim Frame Double-track Sliding Window/Door | Product Parameters

  • Item Number
  • Product Standard
  • Opening Mode
  • Profile Type
    Thermal Break Aluminium
  • Surface Treatment
    Whole Welding
    Whole Painting (Customized Colors)
  • Glass
    Standard Configuration: 6+20Ar+6, Two Tempered Glasses One Cavity
    Optional Configuration: Low-E Glass, Frosted Glass, Coating Film Glass, PVB Glass
  • Glass Rabbet
  • Hardware Accessories
    Lifting Sash Standard Configuration: Hardware (HAUTAU Germany)
    Non-ascending Sash Standard Configuration: LEAWOD Customized Hardware
    Optinal Configuration: Damping Configuration Can Be Added
  • Window Screen
    Standard Configuration: None
    Optional Configuration: None
  • Outside Dimension
    Window Sash:40mm
    Window Frame:70mm
  • Product Warranty
    5 Years
  • Manufacturing Experience
    More Than 20 Years
  • 1-421
  • 1
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