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GLN108 Slim Frame Floor-to-ceiling Casement Window

Product Description

GLN108 Slim Frame Floor-to-ceiling Casement Window is a simple, fashionable and full of design sense. We have made a lot of appropriate subtractions in the design to reduce the profile as much as possible, in order to realize the function of mosquito prevention, LEAWOD provides you with hidden integrated lifting electric window screen and integrated landscape glass guardrail.

The design of large floor-to-ceiling window sash makes the lines of the window more simple and fashionable. Transparent visual effect can bring good lighting and enjoy the view. The window looks much more modern sense and wholeness with screen integration structure design.

If you don’t like the electric screen, we have also designed a manual screen for you. For more details, please consult our customer service staff.

This aluminum window adopts the R7 seamless whole welding technology, the use of cold metal and saturated penetration welding technique, there is no gap in the window opening sash combination corner position, so that the window achieves the anti-seepage water, ultra silent, passive safety and extreme beautiful effect, which is much more in line with the aesthetic needs of modern time.

In order to increase the strength of the material and energy saving effect, We fill the inner cavity of the aluminum profile with high density refrigerator grade insulation and energy saving mute cotton, no dead angle 360 degree filling, at the same time, the silence, heat preservation and wind pressure resistance of the window have been greatly improved again. The enhanced force brought by the profile technology that provides more creativity for the design and planning of the windows and doors of the large layout.

In this product, we also use a patented invention – drainage system, the principle is same as floor drain of our toilet, we call it the floor drain differential pressure non-return drainage device, we adopt the modular design, the appearance can be same color as aluminum alloy material, and this design can effectively prevent rain, wind and sand back irrigation, eliminate the howling.

In order to ensure the appearance quality of aluminum alloy powder coating, we established the whole painting lines, implements the whole window integration spraying. All the time we use the environmentally friendly powder – such as Austria tiger, of course, if you demand for aluminum alloy powder have higher weatherability, please kindly tell us, we can also supply custom services to you.

  • That's right, these is the oversized floor-to-ceiling windows you've been looking for

  • Minimalist Appearance Design

    Minimalist Appearance Design

    Window whole welding, flush sash

    No pressing line design inside and outside
    Eliminate as many gaps as possible in doors and windows
    Window and door aesthetics allows no miscellaneous blasphemy

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    Austrian TIGER

GLN108 Slim Frame Floor-to-ceiling Casement Window | Product Parameters

  • Item Number
  • Product Standard
  • Opening Mode
    Inward Opening
  • Profile Type
    Thermal Break Aluminium
  • Surface Treatment
    Whole Welding
    Whole Painting (Customized Colors)
  • Glass
    Standard Configuration: 5+12Ar+5+12Ar+5,Three Tempered Glasses Two Cavities
    Optional Configuration: Low-E Glass, Frosted Glass, Coating Film Glass, PVB Glass
  • Glass Rabbet
  • Hardware Accessories
    Standard Configuration: Handle (HOPPE Germany), Hidden Hardware (MACO Austria)
    Optional Configuration: Hidden Integrated Electric Window Screen Design Scheme (Lifting) / LEAWOD Customized No Pedestal Handle
  • Window Screen
    Standard Configuration: None
    Optional Configuration: None
  • Outside Dimension
    Window Sash:71mm
    Window Frame:40mm
  • Product Warranty
    5 Years
  • Manufacturing Experience
    More Than 20 Years
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