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GLN95 Tilt and turn Window

Product Description

GLN95 Tilt and turn Window is a kind of window screen integrated with tilt-turn window, which has been developed independently by LEAWOD company. Its standard configuration is 48-mesh high permeability anti-mosquito gauze with superior light transmission and ventilation performance, which can prevent the smallest mosquitoes in the world, and has self-cleaning function. At the same time, the gauze mesh can be replaced by 304 stainless steel net, which has good anti-theft performance, the low floor can effectively prevent the damage of snake, insect, mouse and ant to the steel net. In order to achieve better energy saving effect, LEAWOD company widens the thermal break structure of aluminum alloy profile, which can install three layers of insulating glass to make the window have better heat insulation and sound insulation effect.

The whole window adopts R7 seamless welding technology, the use of cold metal excessive and saturated penetration welding technique, no gap in the corner position of the window, so that the window achieves seepage prevention, ultra silent, passive safety, extreme beautiful effect, more in line with the aesthetic needs of modern time.

At the corner of the window sash, LEAWOD has made an integral round corner with a radius of 7mm similar to that of a mobile phone, which not only improves the appearance level of the window, but also eliminates the hidden danger caused by the sharp corner of the sash. If there are old people or children at home, we sincerely suggest you use tilt-turn window, our round corner technology of R7 seamless welding will be an ideal choice for you because it is not only beautiful, but also very safe, more human, offers your family more protection.

We fill the inner cavity of the aluminum profile with high density refrigerator grade insulation and energy saving mute cotton, by changing the internal structure of the profile wall, no dead angle 360 degree filling, which effectively prevents water from penetrating the profile cavity. At the same time, the silence, thermal insulation, wind pressure resistance of the window has been greatly enhanced once again. More compression resistance by the new profile technology, we can think about achieving a large layout of the window and door design planning, on the basis of ensuring the strength and wind pressure resistance, we provide you with more options and design possibilities.

Maybe you have not seen our drainer, because it is our patented invention, in order to prevent rainstorm or bad weather, the rain flow backward into the interior, or the sand enter in the desert, we also want to eliminate the howling by wind, we developed floor drain differential pressure non-return drainage device, it is a modular design, the appearance can be same color as aluminum alloy material.

We also combine our invention patent technology “seamless whole welding”, the windows and doors are welded and painted as a whole by the welding machine applied in high-speed railway and aircraft. Moreover, we use the whole painting technology, combined with the environmental friendly powder with high weather resistance and excellent stability — Austrian TIGER powder, which makes the appearance and color effect of the windows and doors integrated.

  • No pressing line appearance design

    Semi-hidden window sash design,hidden drainage holes
    One-way non-return differential pressure drainage device, refrigerator grade heat preservation material filling
    Double thermal break structure, no pressing line design

  • CRLEER Windows & Doors

    A little expensive, too much better

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  • 1-41

GLN95 Tilt-turn Window | Product Parameters

  • Item Number
  • Product Standard
  • Opening Mode
    Glass Sash: Title-turn / Inward Opening
    Window Screen: Inward Opening
  • Profile Type
    Thermal Break Aluminium
  • Surface Treatment
    Whole Welding
    Whole Painting (Customized Colors)
  • Glass
    Standard Configuration: 5+12Ar+5+12Ar+5,Three Tempered glasses two cavities
    Optional Configuration: Low-E Glass, Frosted Glass, Coating Film Glass, PVB Glass
  • Glass Rabbet
  • Hardware Accessories
    Glass Sash: Handle (HOPPE Germany), Hardward (MACO Austria)
    Window Screen: Handle (MACO Austria), Hardware(G-U Germany)
  • Window Screen
    Standard Configuration: 48-mesh High Permeability Semi-hidden Gauze Mesh (Removable, Easy Cleaning)
    Optional Configuration: 304 Stainless Steel Net (Non-removable)
  • Outside Dimension
    Window Sash:76mm
    Window Frame:40mm
  • Product Warranty
    5 Years
  • Manufacturing Experience
    More Than 20 Years
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